Adding a Manual Response Received from Lender

When a manual response (email or fax) is received from the Lender, you must record the response in Expert. This is known as "adding a manual response".

  1. Open the Lender Response screen by clicking Lender Response in the left navigation pane.

  2. Click the Add Manual Response button on the Lender Response screen. The screen changes to display the Application Summary Information and Lender Information.

    Note: A shortcut exists that highlights the Add Manual Response button on the Lender Response screen. From the left navigation pane, select Shortcuts > Add Manual Response.


  3. From the Lender Submission dropdown, select the "Submission" you want to record the response for. If needed, refer to the Lender Submit screen to determine the correct submission based on the date, time, and lender.

  4. From the Response Decision dropdown, select the response decision (Approved or Declined).

  5. Click OK. The screen refreshes with the Lender Information and Response Details fields.


  6. Enter information in the fields according to the manual commitment or the decline that was received from the lender.  

  7. Click Save Changes to return to the Lender Response screen.

  8. If the response is an approval, then from the Response Information section of the Lender Response screen, click the Accept button.

    Note: When the response is accepted by clicking the Accept button, Expert prevents the mortgage details from being edited.  If it is required for you to make changes to the mortgage details, you can "un-accept" the response.

    Note: For an approved manual response, the commitment letter must be obtained manually (fax or email) from the lender. It cannot be viewed via Expert.